Frozen treats are back with a twist!

Till a few years back, Ice Creams, thick shakes , fruit desserts were considered a five to ten minute affair may be late in the night after people were done with their dinner . But new entrepreneurs and Ice Cream & Fruit Dessert chains are changing the way people look at these delicacies. Ronak Mehta,... Continue Reading →


​The Kebab and Biryani Festival at Bhairavee Pure Veg. Restaurant

  Bhairavee Exclusive Residency and Pure Veg. Restaurant, Baner, a recently ISO 9001: 2008 accredited Restaurant is hosting a Kebab and Biryani Festival. This Kebab and Biryani Festival will serve specially selected types of Tikkas, Kebabs and Biryani. The Kebab and Biryani Festival will be ongoing till 30th of August at Bhairavee Exclusive Residency and... Continue Reading →

Moroccan Experience at Le Meridien

The Moroccan food festival  experience at Le Meridien starts from the moment a person walks into Feast, Le Meridien. The quaint restaurant is decorated with Moroccan lamps and the staff is dressed with the traditional Moroccan attire. An array of Moroccan spread was laid out in traditional tajine pots. Chef Youssef Mabchour has curated some typical... Continue Reading →

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